Helping dogs live their best life, with all Australian made dog products, supplements & treats.

With the recent trifecta for drought, bushfires and Covid-19 – now more than ever it’s time to buy Australian made. We’ve sourced the finest, freshest single origin products from around Australia to bring you the best in delicious dog treatos and supplements.

All products are carefully packaged on our small farm, near Bannockburn in Victoria.

Supporting Small Australian Rural Businesses

By sourcing products ONLY grown & harvested in Australia from small businesses and direct from farms (including our own!), we can keep our doggy dollars supporting the Australian economy.

When Canine Health is Top of Mind

Feeding farm fresh ingredients with no preservatives or nasties, you know your dog is receiving the very best. All natural ingredients ensure you’re avoiding any potential sources of inflammatories or carcinogens.

About Us – The Humans

The Who…

We’re a small family business that took over from Gully Road OG’s Pauline and Jemima in 2021. They grew the business into a friendly, popular, arse-kicking business but unfortunately fell foul of some world class dibber-dobbers and a mountain of red tape 😩

Despite being blessed with killer good looks and keen fashion sense, sadly they were not blessed with the ‘patient with bureaucratic suits’ gene. So after battling valiantly for a few weeks, they were faced with being shut down completely.

And da-da! That’s where we come in! 👩‍🌾

We’re had already been supplying Gully Road and right from the start we were on the same page when it came to ethical meat production, reducing waste and making the world a better place for animals.

And seeing as we already had all the checks in place (take note, dibber-dobbers… there’s nothing to see here 👍) it just made sense that we took the reins.

We’re not a big corporation and don’t have a 24hr customer service department… or any customer service department really… It’s just us 🙂

I only mention this because sometimes orders will be late and sometimes we get them wrong – but we’re only human and it’s generally not a big deal. Please bear that in mind if you need to contact us for anything – we’ll happily sort out – but we ask that you make contact with kindness, rather than anger and impatience 🙏