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Guys, it’s been a rough trot lately. You’re probably sick of hearing that but geee whizz it’s been a really hard few weeks.

To be honest, the Pity Party is still in full swing and we keep crying… I mean there’s plenty of laughing too but it’s gotten to the stage where we greet each other like this

“Good Morning! I’ve already cried once today and it’s only 6am”

“Meeeeeeee too! Was yours a quick sniffle or a good howl?”

“Oh it was pretty howly… but then I found some peanut M & Ms”

“Oooh…got any left? I think that’s what I need!”

So what happened? How did the wheels fall off?

Basically we were reported for operating illegally… Which according to all the publicly available information we weren’t.

We would buy all our products in ‘finished’ from licensed facilities and then send them out in deliciously stanky parcels. We did no processing, cooking, dehydrating, prepping, slicing, dicing of any description on site.

However, I will admit to brushing furry cow ears with a horse brush (it was one of those momentous times where you think “Well, I just didn’t think i’d end up a fully grown woman, sitting in a shipping container, grooming a cow’s ear… Didn’t that Uni degree pay dividends 🤣)

But according to the Meat Police Overlords, there was a teensy little clause, from something written in the 60s (not kidding!) that said were were ‘processors’ and as such needed a licence.

For things like blood and guts and meat and food prep… sure I get it…

But moving a dried goat trotter from one box into another box? Not so much.

Anyway, I just couldn’t come at the licence requirements. It involved a whole new facility, mountains of paperwork, vast amounts of cash and a squillion rules.

I started this business so I could work from home, surrounded by animals and keep a quiet, private life tucked away in my Valley. With these changes I’d need to build a whole new facility and be left wide open for the Meat Police to barge in whenever they wanted and whenever the Dibber Dobber wanted to have another whinge.

With rules like this, it was never going to fly 🤣👇

While it would be sad not to have the dogs or lambs in the office with us anymore, I just couldn’t bear the thought of telling Mary Kate that we no longer had a job for her.

She’s worked so hard to put herself through school and finally got her dream job as Gully Road’s Wellness Officer – It was just too much to tell her we no longer had a job for her.

So who were the dibber-dobbers?

I’ve got a few ideas… but that’s where you come in 🤣

Before packing everything up, we compiled the biggest, stankiest, treato haul of all time – and it’s up for grabs for the successful identification of The Dibber Dobber. There’s more on that below

Um… What now?

Well one option was to shut the doors completely (that was the desired outcome of the Meat Police). The other was to lawyer up and fight…. and that would drain my pockets (& happiness cup) pretty quickly 🙄

But THEN… a cracking solution came along.

We’ve decided to hand the reins over to our mates ‘down the road’ who have been supplying Gully Road for a while now. They’ve got all the licences (stick that up ya bum Dibber Dobber), they’re a small family business, they live on a farm surrounded by weird looking animals and they’re just good people.

I knew you guys wouldn’t hang around for long if we sold up to some plastic lovin’ corporate so this seems like the perfect solution. Obviously there will be a few teething problems while we do the handover because meticulous record keeping is err…not one of my strengths 😳

To be more accurate, we’re just throwing them in the deep end with helpful instructions like “These Moo Tubes are great for little teefs. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeefs! Lil snappy teeefers” (while tapping our own teefs for illustrative purposes)… It’s pretty advanced stuff 🤷‍♀️

But in the end you can expect the same deeeeeeelicious products and generous servings – sourced from small businesses around Australia. The focus will always remain on providing ethical treatos with minimal waste. Because haven’t we all had enough of cutesy plastic packaging holding a measly 80gs of treats?? It’s just so bloody pointless and needlessly wasteful 🙄

So what’s next for us?

Well we’ve lined up a few gigs at a Strip Club when lockdown is over and failing that, there’s always the street corner.

Nah, I don’t know… but I can tell you one thing, it will 100% not involve the aroma of dried fish… (but depending on how dirty your mind is, you can draw your own conclusions about our new chosen professions 🤣)

So, we actually don’t know what we’ll do.. but don’t worry, we’ll pop back into the Gully Road socials and let you know about our new venture.

But you know what guys? We’re going to miss you. Not in that cheesy tourism campaign sense of the word either. We really will.

Even typing this has me tearing up again.

What a surprise!..Got any peanut M & Ms?

It’s been quite bizarre getting to know you and your puppers so well over this last year. We’re invested in you guys and we genuinely care whether Jasper gets better and whether Jeeves will ever learn to Jedi mind trick his Mum into dishing out more treatos. We’ve loved being part of your lives and we’re so grateful for every single order and message of support.

This is so shit.

Fuck you Dibber Dobber.


Please, please, please continue to support Gully Road. Chris and his family will bend over backwards for you guys and I really urge you to get behind them. Feel free to introduce your dogs in the order comments, put in special requests and be specific with your teeeeeeeef requirements (remember: they understand better if you tap your own teefs at the same time).

By supporting Gully Road you’ll be continuing to support the little guys and be helping make the world a better place for animals xxx

If you’d like to keep up with us, you can find our personal accounts on Instagram below. Who knows, with all this spare time we might post more than once every 6 months 🤣

And if you’re keen to keep up to date with our random farm happenings on Facebook, check out Timmy Trumpster Rescue Pony on Facebook (language warning applies 🤣)

Don’t be shy, come and say hi!

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19 thoughts on “Why we’re on the mooooove 🐮

  1. Hi Jemima, omg, this is so serious sounding, what a horrible person this dibber dobber is. I just want to give you all a hug, pony also. I’ll certainly be supporting you all. My parcel delivery man always knows when there’s a present for Amber, he reckons winter is better cause it doesn’t smell as bad lol. I laugh. I so want to keep in touch with you both. Please take care. Hugs xoxo

    1. Hahahahaha! We did warn our new friends today that the stink increases significantly in summer! 🤣🤣 We’d love to stay in touch with you and Amber too! Are you on IG? 😀

  2. How very sad for you guys how sad a life must these dibbydobbers be to report you guys wish you all the best in your next adventure thank you for the yummy treaties from Jett 🐕 cash 🐕Lilly🐕 Cassidy 🐕and rocky🐕they love them

    1. Every now and then I’m getting an attack of the giggles… I just didn’t expect to be using the word Dibber Dobber Dibbydobber or Dib-Dibby Dobber so much as a 40 year old 🤣🤣🤣 But yes, they suck! Thank you so much to you and your floof squad for supporting us and being our friends xx

  3. Wowee this has made me so mad reading this. My pupper Kevin also said he’s not happy about it and is very sorry that this has happened to you.

    We only found you guys recently and I have told everyone that will listen how good Gully Road is.

    We will absolutely continue to support Gully Road (Kevin would never forgive me if the smelly box stopped arriving).

    Wishing you all the best in your next adventure! The dibber dobber is an asshole.

  4. I’m so saddened to read this… As much as my pooches have lived your products, I’ve also loved your vibe and style xxx keep being you and be oh so VERY VERY proud of what you built up over such a short space of time. Much love Scully D, Gizmo, Jessie, Wally & Cody as well as me xxx

  5. I have only just your amazing products, and I was getting worried I had made my one and only purchase 😰. Thankfully I can now start to explore some of the other products… even the stinky ones 😂.
    I have a suggestion for you. Run the social media for the news owners, and maybe pick up a few more clients and ….. there starts a new home based business that no one can tell you to stop doing 👍
    Wishing you well in the future … Toby the floof man sends his furry love to all of you xx

  6. I wish that bad things didnt happen to good people… and I am.sorry this happened to you.
    I searched a long time to find Australian, ethically sourced and healthy ways to treat my dogs. I found you and I was so happy.
    I am happy to support the new owners of the business but I will surely miss your tongue-in-cheek style.
    Have added you all on my Instagram.
    Farewell from Tully and Fliss….oh , and the human poo scooper (Sharon)

  7. Oh gosh I’m reading this whilst still lying in bed and though I don’t know you guys personally I’m crying reading how tough it has been for you…my girls love your fish treats and I will continue to support the new family doing this…let’s hope things will remain the same…but somehow I feel Gully Road will never be the same again… good luck to you girls please keep us updated.

  8. I have no words 😢 This dibber dobber is the worst thing to happen in 2021. Like those who commented before me have said, Gully Road obviously does fab produce and we’ll continue to support the business (hi Chris and family!), but you guys are what really made it. Your customer engagement, blogs and marketing have all been what has attracted and kept so many loyal customers. I hope you guys go on to do something else customer facing we can all support you in.

    Ps. Jeeves thinks he has mastered the Jedi mind trick at least twice a day when he stares at his food bowl – I haven’t the heart to tell him that is just his meal time, not his magical powers….

    1. Please don’t crush his soul… A twice daily success rate is pretty good for beginner Jedis! I’m going to start practicing on wine glasses tomorrow night, Ill be in touch for a few tips 😜 🍾

  9. Aaaw this is such sad news for you. I don’t know why horrible things happen to such lovely people.
    We will miss your funny arsed ways and description of products. You make us laugh so much.
    Our puppers will not miss your products though as we are 100% invested in their ‘teeeeeeefers’ so will be continuing to support.
    All the very best with whatever your new ventures turn out to be.
    Love and teeeeef snapping
    Henry, Patrick and baby Esther Sausage (and their mumma)

    1. Having just found you I was sad to read your business is having so much trouble. This reminds me of the hoops and legislation we ethical breeders are put through and I can tell you the agenda is to stop the breeding of dogs under the guise of trying to stop puppy farmers. As a breeder I too hate puppy farmers & want to end the horrendous living conditions & practice these people put their breeding dogs & bitches through, but targeting ethical breeders is easy because we are in the light and can be seen. Does this sound familiar?. Same thing appears to be what you are also going through. You would think the powers that be would be supporting you not trying to close you down. I say keep going and fight for the right to be an ethical producer and eco friendly, because we ethical people believe in what you are doing. Good luck! Maree Ava & Indi my HWV wirey girls

  10. Best of luck Jemima and Pauline and all the furry crew. We are so proud of what you have achieved in such a short time and will continue to support Gully Road.
    XX Pegi, Tily, Sam and Karen

  11. i am so sorry to hear about this ,the dibber dobbers obvisously dont have a fur baby that loves your products we will support chris and his family but its so sad its not you anymore hope good things come your way love coco

  12. OMG……..I didn’t know about all of this as my last order was quite large…..now I have run out and to my surprise after 2-3 weeks of trying to contact you…now I know why I can’t…….this is just soul destroying……I have been in your situation to lose a business that you put your heart and soul into……it can really effect you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially………take time to lick your wounds and refocus…..you will rise again with even more knowledge and passion because of what has happened…….you can’t keep good people down! Thankyou for providing love to me and my babies for the last 12-18 months………..Goodluck and Godbless!!

  13. hi there, i was referred to you by Antlers for Dogs, and i am sure for the next order i will be on this website.
    However, i am a delivery short from Antlers for Dogs, and nothing i can do seams to get her attention. i love the products and the i get the hoopla behind the closure. Yes, obeying the rule is always a necessity in business.

    Would you please pass on my details to Jemima so i can stop stalking her.
    thanks so much, frannie

    1. Thanks so much for your assistance Gully Road, and just placed my order. thanks again, frannie.

  14. This really sux! Why are people such assholes? You guys have awesome products! I wish you all the best x

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