Which products are suitable for puppies?

Once they’ve lost their puppy teeth – all our products will be suitable for your pup. Until then, and during the teething process they best puppy options can be found here: Products for Puppies

Which products are suitable for dogs with itchy skin or allergies?

We have a combo pack just for that. See more about the Skin & Coat Pack here. Aside from the, the fish & kangaroo products are great for dogs with allergies. They are high in Omega 3s and contain anti-inflammatory properties (they help give the coat a healthy bloom too 😍)

I have a question about my order and or tracking

Please see this page for order and shipping specific information.

Which chews are the longest lasting?

The deer antlers are the longest lasting chew, although they can be quite hard and not suitable for dogs with sensitive or damaged teeth. Fallow Straps are great for puppies, and other long lasting chews are the Chewy Skin Scrolls and the Chunky Roo Tails.

When will (insert product name) be back in stock?

The short answer is we ‘dont know 🤣’… All our products are Australian made & grown, which means supply can be a bit tricky. Some products may no longer be available and others come in ‘dribs and drabs’ – Once products are restocked we make announcements on social media and newsletters, so keep an eye out there.

Product samples, donations & ‘collaborations’ (+ sponsorship & fundraising)

Our products are quite hard to source & we pay full market rate to the small businesses we purchase from. This means it’s not viable for us to give products away as samples.

In addition we’re already working with two animal rescues to provide product donations so at this stage we’re unable to take on any further benevolent activities.

Do you offer wholesale?

At this stage, no. It’s something we’d like to get in to – but currently it’s a bit too hard to source the right products so we’re unable to offer a wholesale service.