Gelatin for Joints, Skin & Coat

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Gelatin is a superfood for joint, skin & coat health. Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen which carnivores normally get from eating tendons, skin and cartilage. With this gelatin powder you can skip the hours in the kitchen making bone broth and get straight to nourishing your dog.

β€’ Supports cartilage growth and development, especially in the joints and ears
β€’ Can help prevent arthritis and other degenerative joint disorders and diseases
β€’ Strengthens tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones
β€’ Supports a good coat, good skin and blood cell growth
β€’ Increases alertness and energy.

220g packet size – approximately 2 months supply for a 15kg dog.

Gelatin can be easily mixed into food or used to make treats. See the Feeding Guide below for more info.

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Source Story

This food-grade gelatinΒ  is derived from Australian cattle (mostly grassfed). The cattle are 100% Australian and the gelatin is processed in South East Queensland.

Feeding Guide:

Daily dosage: 1 level teaspoon per 15kgs. I.e. 2 teaspoons daily for a 30kg dog. Can be sprinkled or mashed into food – or whipped up into a delicious daily treat. See below for suggestions.

Hydration & recovery: Mix 1 heaped teaspoon into 100ml of water for an enticing drink or freeze into ice-blocks for cool relief on hot days.

Daily supplement treats: Bind supplements in ice cube trays or moulds by adding daily doses, topping with water and refrigerating.

See here for our Daily Joint Jellies recipe

1 review for Gelatin for Joints, Skin & Coat

  1. Diane Andrell (verified owner)

    Ever since we have started using this plus the Mission Bay Kelp, our German Shepherd pup’s coat has come up so shiny, we get a lot of comments from people when we are out walking about how beautiful she is. We turn them into the jellies following Gully Road’s recipe and she has 1 jelly for breakfast with her kibble and loves it.

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