Camel Collagen Chews

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🐪 100% Australian camel ligament straps. Similar to paddywhack but a denser, longer lasting chew with less fat.

  • Rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin for healthy joints, skin & coat.
  • Chewy & crunchy fibres, great for cleaning teeth.
  • Low odour, perfect for indoor chewing.
  • For source & feeding guide – see below
  • Price is for one chew. Large size in main pic. Medium in second photo.


Source Story:

Low temperature dehydrated camel nuchal ligament from Central Australia.  In keeping with the nose-to-tail philosophy, using organs, bones and other parts as dog treats and chews , this ensures that ‘nothing is wasted, and everything is celebrated’.

Australia has the largest population of feral camels in the world. It’s estimated there are around a million camels across the central parts of the country. A small number of these  camels are processed to supply the emerging halal and domestic camel meat markets and these ligaments are by-products from that process.

Sizing/Feeding Guide:

These crazy lookin’ things are all different shapes and sizes – so are classified by weight.

A medium Clump lasted our medium/large dog about an hour of chewing. However, he’s not a SUPER chewer so the chew times may vary with other dogs 🙂

Sizing/Feeding Guide:

Camel Collagen Chews are all different shapes and sizes – so are classified by weight.

A medium sized chew lasted our medium/large dog 40 mins of enthusiastic chewing. A small one lasted our small dog about 30 minutes. Please note that neither of these dogs are SUPER chewers and chew times may vary with other dogs 🙂


Additional information


X Small – 30g +, Small – 50g +, Medium – 70g +, Large – 100g +

3 reviews for Camel Collagen Chews

  1. Cheree Quon (verified owner)

    The camel chews are rock hard. A pity they’re not freeze dried so more chewable. The little fella didn’t enjoy. 🥲

  2. Kyla

    Our pup chewed through this with great enthusiasm! We were hoping that it would be a bit longer lasting but the medium only lasted her about 10 minutes (still longer than a beef tendon of similar size). I’m not sure she usually fits into the power chewer category but clearly does when something tastes this good!

  3. Penny Carter (verified owner)

    Our giant breed doggo absolutely loved these and they also helped give his teeth a good clean! They’re a great, long lasting chew that doesn’t get devoured in seconds – will be adding them to the next order!

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