Ear ‘Oles


100% Australian grass fed and finished Cow Ears.  Low temperature dehydrated, these are among the first release of the  exciting high-welfare, pastured range. This is part of the biggest change to ethical choice foods available to dogs. Check out the source blurb below for more info.

  • Low temp dehydrated –  safe for chewing.
  • For feeding guide – see below.
  • These products have a 2 week shelf life but can be stored in the freezer if you wont feed them within that timeframe.


Source Story:

Low temperature dehydrated beef cattle ears from the highest welfare, pasture raised beef in Australia. From start to finish these animals received the highest welfare lifestyle which includes on-farm processing (instead of the stress & fear associated with abattoirs)

In keeping with ‘honouring the whole animal’ we’ve partnered with a progressive beef producer to use the organs, bones and other parts as dog treats and chews , this ensures that nothing is wasted, and everything is celebrated. To read more about this please see our article – Highest Welfare Produce for Dogs: Introducing our Pastured Beef Range


Additional information


Small Ribbers x 6, Large Ribbers x 6


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