Balm from the Farm

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Single source topical ointment for dry or irritated skin. Lanolin (often called wool wax or wool fat), is an all natural by-product of the wool process.

Hand made in heart of sheep country, Culcairn NSW. Lanolin is readily absorbed by your dog’s skin. It soothes, protects and has healing properties for dogs with sensitive skin.

Fragrance & additive free. 30 ml tub – 100% pure lanolin.


Source Backstory:

These lanolin pots are hand made by Deanna, a country girl who loves to shear and has a passion for sheep. Deanna makes these products in her kitchen on a farming property in Culcairn, NSW.

See more about Deanna’s business, The Peeping Sheep and her other products (for humans) here.

Product Directions:

Apply as needed to paws, nose or inflamed skin. This product contains only pure lanolin, so is completely safe for your dog to lick.

2 reviews for Balm from the Farm

  1. Debs (verified owner)

    This is pure gold. Itโ€™s very thick and heavy but perfect for so many things. I have noticed as the weather is warming up itโ€™s softened a bit. I love it for my lips and my poor old cracked hands and nail cuticles, I even dab a little on my sun spots. Oh and itโ€™s great for the dogs too.
    I like the way the water canโ€™t penetrate the skin once the balm has been applied.
    I only wish they made a bigger tub!

  2. Jodie (verified owner)

    Thick, water repelling ointment, I use on my dig when heโ€™s been itching and breaks the skin, soothes him quickly.

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