Large Fallow Straps

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Large Fallow Straps are best for medium and large breed pups or senior dogs. Fallow Straps are selected from the softer, flatter section of the antler – which is highly nutritious.

  • Healthy – they’re full minerals & great for dental health.
  • Odourless – which makes them ideal for chewing indoors or even in the car.
  • Long-lasting – antlers are well known for being the longest lasting dog chew.
  • Cruelty free – these antlers have been selected from naturally shed deer antlers.
  • Price is for ONE fallow strap.

These antlers are naturally sourced – so come in all different shapes & sizes (a few examples shown in the photo). Please request your preferred shape at the checkout 😃🐶

Min.weight 100g +




Source Story:

Cruelty-free deer antlers sourced from naturally shed antlers – i.e. the antlers fall naturally from the deer, without any intervention.

These deer antlers come from Tasmanian and South Australian deer and are cut, weighed and packaged on our little farm in Bacchus Marsh.

Feeding Guide

Antlers are fantastic, long lasting chews. They are great for dental health & odourless for indoor chewing.

When the appropriate size is selected (size up if in doubt) then the antlers will not splinter.

Fallow Straps are softer than the standard antlers, which makes them an ideal choice for small breed seniors or pups. These are long lasting & depending on the ‘chewiness’ of your dog will last anywhere from one week to several months.

These are best for toy and small breed pups & seniors.

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Single Antler – $16, Pack of 3 – $40

2 reviews for Large Fallow Straps

  1. Diane Andrell (verified owner)

    We got one of these for our German Shepherd when she was teething in her earlier months, she is now 6 months and has the exact same antler. It doesn’t even look gross! It’s a slow burner, some days she’ll chew on it for a while, other days she won’t want it. Worth the $$

  2. Bronwyn (verified owner)

    Our pup suffers a bit from separation anxiety. When we leave him with a fallow strap or an antler we find that nothing is destroyed when we come home. They’re the best, long lasting and doesn’t smell. Life saver! Thank you!!

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