Semi Bunny Body


Each bunny body contains rack of ribs, back-strap & full-body hide – a hefty meal with top nutritional value for your best friend!

  • High in vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium.
  • These are ideal for medium to giant dogs.
  • Wild rabbit is the most biologically appropriate source of food for dogs.
  • Furry treats are excellent for sweeping the digestive tract and can be used as a natural dewormer.
  • Each product is hand-picked and hand-packed and will come “loose in the box”.


Source Story

Feral rabbits compete with native wildlife, damage vegetation and degrade the land. They ringbark trees and shrubs and prevent regeneration by eating seeds and seedlings. Their impact often increases during drought and immediately after a fire, when food is scarce, and they eat whatever they can.

These wild rabbits are sourced from vegetable farms in Central Victoria.

Rabbit meat is the most biologically appropriate source of food available for dogs. Furthermore, wild rabbit is a top-quality source of nutrition for dogs & cats.
From an ethical standpoint, these rabbits are not hunted & killed with the purpose of providing dog treats. Rather we have sourced the products from animals that would be killed and disposed of regardless of whether there was a market for dog treats or not.

This reduces wastage AND provides a top-quality product for your dog.

Harvest & Dehydration Process

  • These rabbits are sourced from local vegetable farms where no poisons are used.
  • During the harvest and butchering process, all rabbits are assessed for signs of illness and discarded if there are any signs of sickness.
  • The segmented rabbits are frozen for 6 weeks prior to dehydrating (this is the current recommendation for parasite eradication)
  • The rabbit meat is dehydrated at 75 degrees, which is the current human consumption standard for the removal of harmful bacteria. The length of dehydration depends on the cut getting dried.

The above is a transparent description of our risk mitigation in relation to pathogens & parasites.  No preservatives are used – including no chemicals, irradiation, or other methods of sterilisation. Please consider this when deciding if these treats are right for your dog.

Sizing/Feeding Guide:

This is a large product and should only be given in one sitting to giant dogs – it should be portioned up for medium to large dogs.


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