So what do we mean by Ethical, Sustainable and Environmentally conscious?

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At Gully Road we believe the way we source our delicious stinkin treatos can either have a positive or negative effect on our little planet…. That’s why we have written here our views on how we can have a positive impact…. Have a read…


Whilst this is always a very personal decision – for us it’s about how the animal that provides the treats has been treated during its life… this is particularly relevant to the livestock options such as our pastured fed beef range… all of our beef products are sourced from our sister company Provenir – that is the only company in the southern hemisphere that actually processes animals on the farm that they were raised on… the only company… don’t believe us…Google it. In fact Provenir had to change the antiquated laws in Victoria in order to operate… Thanks Mr Regulatorman!! So for us at Gully Road – we will only source treats from livestock from the highest animal welfare processor in Australia…… which can make you feel kinda special and good at the same time….


For us this is about the process of harvesting – the questions we ask is..”are we using high value options that could be used for human consumption – or are we value adding “waste” items. We support the latter – a good example is our fish range… they are sourced from Australian fishermen that are value adding the bits that aren’t used for us humans – enter Shark Skin Scrolls, Fishtails, Fish Jerky 🐟 – all these items are waste by-products of fishing for human consumption….

So why the hell does this make it sustainable…I hear my internal voice say… Well, my doubting friend …. Its kinda simple – as a planet we need to be taking less and giving more – maximising the value out of each animal that is harvested… this philosophy is not only sustainable for the company… but is more sustainable for the planet … as we are taking less fishies.

Environmentally conscious

How can we create dog treats that will directly help the environment hmmmm… that’s the big question.

What treat can we provide that will directly improve our ecosystem…. The answer my friends is hopping across the paddock – yep rabbits [and you thought I was going to say Kangaroo!!].

Rabbits have, and continue to degrade our land, so by buying dehydrated hoppers or skin bits .. not only is your doggo reliving their ancestral hunting desires but its helping farmers and natural landscapes alike…

Your Treato choice matters!

So through the process of buying delicious stinkin treatos for your best mate from Gully Road…. you can know that your furry friend is having a direct positive impact on the ethical treatment, sustainability and environmental impact of our landscape….. and you just thought you were buying affection!!!

This is what we believe and this is what we are going to do…. Support of Gully Road supports our endeavours to create a better planet through making dogs batshit crazy for our treatos..

Now back to the piss-taking fun… 🤣

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