Where our natural beef dog treats come from and why it’s important

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Dog treats come in many weird and wonderful forms, as we know all too well at Gully Road (think weenie peenies, beef bunts, moo tubes and icky chicken feet). Dog treats like these form an important part of the nose to tail philosophy that is behind Gully Road’s commitment to deliver ethical dog treats from sustainable sources. Across our range of beef, chicken, rabbit and seafood dog treats we take care to ensure that all of the dog treats online at our little farm store are supaw ethical and come from responsible sources.

Our grass-fed beef treats are especially one of a kind – literally. All of the Gully Road beef dog food products that you can buy at our store are sourced exclusively from Provenir – Australia’s only commercially licensed on-farm mobile beef processing unit (or mobile on farm butchery). Provenir was founded by Bach’s hooman Dad Chris along with a few other (stubborn) individuals who were determined to find a better solution to animal welfare. There was a heap of red tape surrounding abattoirs and the process to change the laws took many years. But, it was worth it – on-farm processing of free range meat means highest welfare and low-stress for the animal. This is one of the key values of Provenir (we’ll talk more about the others in a minute).

In Australia 99.99% of beef cattle go through a multi-step process which begins on the farm and usually involves being sent to a saleyard, then to a high-density feedlot and finally to an abattoir. Each of these stages involves transport on a large truck, is stressful for the animal and disrupts their natural herd environments. Not what we want for our cow friends (even Bach agrees, despite being officially at war with the resident bull at Gully Road). In a stark contrast, the animals that are used for Provenir beef spend their entire lives on their own farm and in their familiar environments. Their interactions with humans are predictable and low-stress and they never have to see a truck (unless it’s to move to the lush green paddock down the road), saleyard or stinky feedlot.

The beef that we use is;

  • 100% grass fed meat (the best quality dog meat – hooman-grade food for dogs)
  • Free range beef (animals graze freely and happily, like they’re meant to)
  • Meat free from hormones and antibiotics (these are very common in feedlot raised beef)
  • Exceptional quality, natural dog treats (no preservatives or other additives, just fresh and dehydrated beef)

This means that our beef dog treats as well as our raw dog meat delivery service, Gully Road Raw, are the best quality dog food available in Australia (and who knows, maybe the best dog treats in the world!). Provenir is the choice of many top chefs and we use all of the parts of the animal that are not in high demand in restaurants (including the BEST EVER beef liver dog treats). This nose to tail processing ensures that no part of the animal is wasted and all of the extra-nutritious bits (organs and offal – see our Regen Pack) end up in your doggo’s bowl. Gully Road dog treats are also the only truly high welfare beef dog treats Australia-wide, delivering natural beef for dogs straight from the farmer to your doggo. All natural dog treats, done right.

Why is grass fed beef better?

The feedlotting systems mentioned earlier are focused on fast growth and maximum productivity. Animals are fed high grain diets (lots of carbs) and are kept in small pens so that they don’t burn off their calorie intake by doing cow things like walking to the other end of the paddock for fresh grass. These conditions that result in fast growth mean less nutrients in the end product – your dog meat.

While grass-finished beef is a slower (and more expensive) process, the grass-fed meat is more nutrient dense. As just one example, grass fed beef contains five times more CLA than the fast-growing, grain fed beef produced in feedlots. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a potent antioxidant fatty acid, which improves lipid profiles and enhances the overall health of your dog.

So what about other pet meat available, like the pet mince at the supermarket? Yep, you guessed it – not grass-fed, free range or on farm processed. In fact, chances are it is almost definitely grown and processed in quite the opposite way.

About the Products – Gully Road Raw

Is raw meat good for dogs? Absolutely! Gully Road Raw offers a range of packs catering for an essential raw food diet for dogs. Using our top quality beef, we offer minced meat (great for puppos and little teef), premium diced muscle meat for dogs, beef bones for healthy teeth and beef organs that are jam-packed full of nutrients. Although it’s a larger topic for another day, we also offer a PMR pack which is a balanced mix of muscle meat, liver and organs designed to cater for a Prey Model Raw diet for dogs.

Your hooman can order your Gully Road Raw dog food online for delivery across Victoria, with other areas coming very soon. All packs are dispatched frozen and are safe to re-freeze if there is any defrosting during transit.

About the Products – Gully Road dried beef treats

We produce a range of dehydrated beef treats including

  • Beef bunts – beef epiglottis, which consists of cartilage, connective tissues, tasty meat and healthy grass-fed fats which all make them an incredibly nutritious and beneficial dog chew.
  • Beef neck splits – crunchy dried beef neck pieces that make the perfect treat for large dogs.
  • Cows ear with fur – fur is an important part of a healthy diet for dogs (think doggo digestion and natural dewormer for dogs).
  • Beef liver jerky – dried beef liver jam-packed full of nutrients and a perfect treat for dog training rewards
  • Grass-fed ribbers – beef rib bones with a high bone marrow content and are great for cleaning dogs’ teeth
  • Hock knuckle – huge beef knuckles with lots of marrow and sinew for healthy teeth
  • Moo tubes – dried beef trachea tubes, great for dog joint heprovalth being high in glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Regen pack – including organs (liver, kidney and lung), meaty bits (heart and tongue), chewy bits (paddywacks and chuck ends), crunchy bits (rib bones, and other non-weight bearing bones – bones that are safe for dogs to chew)
  • Weenie peenies – use your imagination… Rich in protein and amino acids.

More about Provenir – from provenir.com.au

“Provenir was founded in 2017 on the belief that the best quality meat comes from livestock that are raised to the highest of welfare standards, right up to the very end.

Until now, all livestock processed in Australia was done so at a fixed abattoir, often after live transport over long distances and experiencing an unfamiliar environment.  In our view this system is flawed in that livestock are put through the unnecessary stress prior to processing.

This is not only bad for animal welfare and our farmers, it can also negatively affect the eating quality of the meat. The founders of Provenir we knew there had to be a better way.

Better for farmers, better for the livestock, and better eating qualities of the meat.

Our solution is simple – highest welfare, mobile on-farm processing. So, instead of the animal being transported to abattoir; the abattoir comes to the farm.

Eliminating unnecessary stress on livestock associated with live transport to the processors, our unique on-farm processing improves animal welfare and produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

The six star Provenir Promise includes;

Highest Welfare

Provenir farmers utilise low stress handling techniques and raise their livestock on open pastures within a familiar herd structure; allowing the animals to express their natural character.

Processed on-farm

Instead of the livestock being transported, the abattoir comes to the farm. Eliminates unnecessary stress on animals associated with live transport. Less stress means less adrenalin produced, and thus more retained glycogen stores in the meat, leading to exceptional eating quality, taste and tenderness.

Full traceability & true provenance

Provenir oversees the whole operation from purchasing livestock on farm direct from our partnering farmers, to the on-farm processing, into our butchery and on to you. By processing on-farm and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology we are able provide full transparency and guaranteed provenance.

Grass-fed & free range

Provenir partners with farmers who raise their livestock free range and grass-fed.
For cattle and lamb this means they are fed on natural grasses, pasture, hay or silage.

Exceptional eating quality

Our on-farm process and artisan butchery techniques ensures that the quality of the meat is retained and maximised throughout the whole process.

No added hormones, herd antibiotics, or intensive feedlots

Provenir farmers raise their livestock naturally: they do not feedlot, nor do they add hormones or antibiotics to the feed as growth promotants.”

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