Beef Bunts


If you like me, thought that an epiglottis was the punching bag at the back of your throat, then you’d be wrong 🤣 It’s actually the cartilaginous frame at the back of your tongue…But maybe you knew that already.

Anyway, these ghastly looking things are 100% grass-fed beef epiglottis which consists of cartilage, connective tissues, tasty meat and healthy grass-fed fats – which makes them an incredibly nutritious and beneficial chew.

No additives or preservatives – just low temperature dehydrated. These are among our first release of the exciting high-welfare, pastured range. This is part of the biggest change to ethical choice foods available to dogs. Check out the source info below for more info.

  • Low temp dehydrated –  safe for chewing.
  • High cartilage and connective tissue content – great for joints and bones.
  • For sizing & feeding guide – see below
  • 2 week shelf life (but can be safely stored in the freezer)
  • Sold as single units


Source Story:

Low temperature dehydrated beef epiglottis from the highest welfare, pasture raised beef in Australia. From start to finish these animals received the highest welfare lifestyle which includes on-farm processing (instead of the stress & fear associated with abattoirs)

In keeping with ‘honouring the whole animal’ we’ve partnered with a progressive beef producer to use the organs, bones and other parts as dog treats and chews , this ensures that nothing is wasted, and everything is celebrated. To read more about this please see our article – Highest Welfare Produce for Dogs: Introducing our Pastured Beef Range

These treatos have shorter shelf life and slightly fattier appearance than a pet shop treat because they contain high levels of grass fed ‘good’ fats.

This grass fed & grass finished fat is a fantastic natural preservative and contains optimum levels of Omega 3s. It also contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is considered one of the best ‘good fats’ for dogs. You can read all about the geeky world of essential fatty acids for dogs here.

Sizing/Feeding Guide:

These bunts are around 200g and a solid meal/chew.

One bunt lasted our medium/large dog an hour of chewing (though he’s not a super strong chewer). He often half chews half plays with his treatos but with this one he was squarely in the chew zone. He really seemed to enjoy tearing at the connective tissues and getting his teeth in for a nice deep chew.

For an extra long chew you can freeze them first.


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